Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding Invitation Etiquette-No kids Allowed!

Almost every bride and groom stumble to one thing, which is.....NO KIDS AT WEDDING! After reading blog post from Magnet Street I decided to share it with my fellow brides and fans.

You’ve decided you are not inviting children to your wedding ceremony or reception. Now, you need to let your guests know … is there an easy way to tell them?

Yes, there is. It might be one of those sticky situations in your wedding planning, but with the right wording, your wishes should be respected and your worries be put to rest.

How to communicate that children are not invited to your wedding

{without actually saying - CHILDREN ARE NOT INVITED}
- While it really isn’t ok to say NO CHILDREN on the wedding invitation, it is ok to say something like “Adults Only” or “Adults Only Reception” on the wedding invitation
- Another great option is to allow your mom and wedding party to spread the word for you.
- Don’t forget to use double envelopes to clearly communicate who is invited and who isn’t.

 Looking for polite ways to respond to questions about your reception choice? Try these:

‘We hope no offence is taken but due to budget restrictions, we are unable to invite your children.’
‘We thank you for understanding that we have chosen to invite only the family children to our wedding.’


  1. I am a huge fan of the no children preference at weddings and I am currently planning my daughter's wedding and absolutely will not budge on this or make exceptions. There will be a flower girl and a ring bearer as part of the wedding party who will be picked up at the hall immediately after dinner by the babysitter. I have worked in banquets for over five years and how ridiculous it is to set an elegant table at the hall that has to include a highchair or the several special requests for a kids' meals of chicken fingers that have to be hunted down throughout the wedding. (And kids get antsy, so you better feed them first, how nice of you to make it all about YOUR kid when it is someone else's day.) I cannot tell you how many times I have had to clear out kids from
    underneath skirted tables and those our servers almost trip over running around as they carried a full tray of dishes/glasses. Can you honestly tell me that the parents of the child are enjoying themselves? Don't they want to have a good time too? I cannot believe this is an issue regarding if it is rude or not to get the
    message across in your invitation. It is no more offensive than invites to events
    that speak of casual attire, formal attire or what time dinner is served. It is simply the parameters of the event. (For example: If they say dinner is served promptly at 7pm you know that if you show up at 9pm, you missed the meal.) If it is
    acceptable to tell people what to wear, when they will be fed, why isn't it acceptable to say it is just for adults? I swear some people get so weird about their own kids; get a clue, your kids are not as special to anyone else like they are to you; so give yourself a well deserved break, leave them with a sitter and
    enjoy some me time.

  2. In weeding , every one is allowed. As there may be people of all ages. There may be children who are fun loving. but as in weeding the children may get bored. So this article will help in keeping children happy. For more info you can check children at weddings etiquette .

  3. I was wanting to do the same thing. No children but that's not the way our culture works. So I had to be understanding to my husbands culture and make the best of it. We went to the store and bought tons of fun little toys and coloring books for the kids. Everyone had such a good time and the kids were surprising not a problem at all. Good luck.